Life-Long Learning

When a dear friend had a heart attack, I was so frightened for him. Fortunately, he made it through, but I hated that helpless feeling so I enrolled in a Red Cross CPR class. From that point on, I've been trying to learn something new every day, to help myself be better prepared for the future. After 9/11, I realized that more people need to learn first aid and survival skills.

Working in the construction industry, I enjoy taking old houses and making them beautiful with new windows and new rooms, etc. I feel more confident that I can handle any accidents or injuries that could occur around me as walls get opened up and new rooms get built.

mannya mannya
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1 Response Jan 26, 2008

I commend you for being proactive about health and safety issues! I have been certified in First Aid and CPR for as long as I can remember (due to schooling and work requirements). But it never fails to impress me when someone decides, on their own volition, to become a more responsible member of society, both to themselves and to the human population at large. My hat's off to you!!