Never Stop the Process

Learning opens me up to the world that I might otherwise miss.  I love to learn something new everyday, even if it is just the definition of a new word.  Yes, I was one of the nerds that actually read the dictionary.  Of course my spelling capabilities do not reflect that quirk.  I have been told my head goes faster than my hands and so the problem with spelling tends to occur a lot.  Oh well, love me or leave me but please do not grade me for spelling. 

I have achieved a professional certification ande licensing as an Aesthetician and Aesthetics Instructor.  That has broadened my horizons to meeting new people as well as new avenues of educational opportunities.  Now I have chances to learn about business, professional interaction, a little chemistry (I will try not to blow things up) health issues, alternative natural health practices and so much more.

The learning often leads to spurts of creativity too.  Putting into practice what I discover.  From new therapies to assist my clients to more entertaining projects that include jewlery making, woodworking and other "crafty" techniques that have absolutely nothing to do with my profession.  None the less, every thing thaqt I learn keeps my mind turning and hopefuly evolving. 

I look forward to a day when I might be afforded the luxury to simply learn all I want about everything that interests me without having to meet someone else's "standardized test of knowledge".  To just achieve and aquire knowledge for knowledge sake seems to me to be a fantastic dream.

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4 Responses Apr 8, 2008

My mother in law asked what I wanted for Christmas the first year after my husband and I were married I said I wanted a library edition dictionary. In my day there used to be a huge oxford edition on a stand in the school library. I would hog it for the study hour! So I got a SCHOOL EDITION WEBSTERS that Christmas. She was a school escretary and ordered it through the school. It is tremendous and one of my favorite books. I want to make a stand for it. SO READ on SISTER!

My mother gave me the dictionary that I grew up with just a couple of years ago! I'd ask how to spell something and would get "go look it up!"<br />
I would, and an hour later, I would have gone through several pages of it, learning great words (LOVE cool words!) and my mom would come in and laugh at me for it.<br />
<br />
Getting that book (it's a good huge dictionary too! Oxford!)was one of my favorite gifts ever!

A kindred spirit! Where have you been dear one! LOL I have actually gotten caught up for hours after having looked up a definition and then proceeded to cross and re-cross referance definitions. It has become an obsessive affair I am afraid. To make matters more complicated, I am also involved in a serious relationship with a Thesarus. Just keep that between us though ok?

I still read the dictionary!!! It's one of my favorite books!