"i Am So Special"


You wouldn't believe how much people I encounter each day, saying they are "more special" than others... or just having this "knowing" that they are "better than other humans" in fact that they are NOT EVEN HUMAN, but supernatural creatures... that they just do not fit in society and that they are sooooOOoo totally different than others.

To me this signals only one thing and that is EGO...

In fact the world conditioned people to think this way, to make them think that they ARE MORE SPECIAL and more POWERFUL than other people... aaaah the "separation EGO brings"...

If people think themselves more superior than other people, how can they ever see themselves in "other people" as to "REALLY CULTIVATE COMPASSION" for their fellow man?

And this is what I find strange too, is that these people normally say they LOVE ALL MANKIND, and they are here to save the world and shine unconditional love left and right.

But the fact of reality is that these people CANNOT SHOW ANY TRUE COMPASSION or LOVE, to mankind, if they think they are better than all other human beings.

In order to "love another as yourself" you should be able to put yourself in their shoes, to not be afraid to imagine yourself in their position... to see yourself in them.

A true healer cannot diagnose a sickness correctly, if s/he does not feel sorry for the patient in such a manner as "envisioning" him/herself in their "state of being"...likewise you cannot say YOU KNOW PEOPLE if you DO NOT WANT TO KNOW THEM, since you are "far better and superior than them" and "I won't mingle with that filth" BS.

I often find that it is these "narcissistic personality types" who fail to see their own faults reflected back to them through other people...because they cannot see other people as themselves, they simply refuse to be associated with other people.

I also find it even more so fascinating that these people often speak of "ONENESS" or acting as a messiah here to bring people together as ONE in LOVE. But the matter of fact remains that they fail to see that LOVE is COMPASSION in essence; compassion for your fellow man, seeing him as yourself.

I find this type of human behaviour to be nothing but works of EGO and Pride... people who hide behind the word "love" to FOOL the sh!xt out of other people.

These people often talk about "receiving spiritual messages from other people" as well, due to their "messianic paths", yet they fail to receive any such messages from people, since they do not really want to know other people (since other humans are DIRT in their eyes), and only desire to use and abuse them for their own selfish purposes... meaning due to their nasty narcissistic tendencies they think they are sooOOOooo PERFECT, and that everyone else LACKS, failing to see that they are the ones that in fact LACKS, since they do not want to receive any spiritual messages from other people forcing them to face their "true selves" to enable them to further their respective spiritual growth phases.

If you CANNOT and REFUSE to see other people as yourself, then YOU STOPPED GROWING of soul, and have truly nothing to offer humanity other than spiritual fraud and mass manipulation to further GLOBAL EGO AGENDA!!!!

If you cannot mingle with humans, then why do you want to save or "help" them?!

Oh irony, the only thing that is always right when it comes to utter hypocrisy!!!!!

PS: since last I checked jesus became man to live like a human, to better understand and love mankind, he loved them so he wanted to be one of them, and not one above them!!!!
indigowitch indigowitch
22-25, F
Jan 27, 2012