Hateful Pantheists


Meaning in the pantheist's mind that they are "god"...

But this belief really underlies the whole NEW AGE THOUGHT process, that all is ONE and ONE is all, and that everyone is GOD.

Yet many of these "oneness charlatans" are narcissists, they believe they are GOD, or the ONLY GOD, also excessively inundated under the influence of EGO since "man is now promised by the world that he is God" they fail to recognize the "other gods" and take their spiritual messages up as total nonsense, since they are the "only GOD" now knowing ALL, and the rest are seen as ignorant buffoons...

I find this funny, I wrote to one of these "oneness charlatans":

"You know what is the main problem with people like you, and there are millions, they think they are God, and when they see themselves as "god" they do not see the real God any more.

If you believe God is everywhere and everyone, right, then why do you HATE others so much, why only Love yourself and your own opinions as right? If everyone are different versions of God, then why do you have so much anger towards other people?!! I sense a tremendous amount of bitterness inside you, which you direct to other people as in "treating the other versions of God incarnate as sh!xt"...so aren't you taking God's name in vain if you HATE other people? And only value your own opinions over those of the other "gods"?

Quite frankly I do not believe you adhere to the doctrine of pantheism when you are a hater of all other people (the other gods, as pantheism is all about man being God, so all man is God right).

I sense too much bitterness in your soul to really validate to me that you practice what you preach...that to me is in itself acting like a true hypocrite...like a "christian".

Let us not go into the whole man playing God thing...since you are too busy playing God, and therefore lack PEACE within, if you can see that God is greater than yourself then you would see that God works through all people to send you different spiritual messages, but your ego is too big to heed the spiritual messages of your fellow "gods"...so my question is thus, are you the only GOD here to give you the right to reject the opinions of the "other gods" as total Bullshait?!!!


Thanks for the laugh!!!! Another hypocrite bites the dust!!!"
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*Cough* Albert Einstein was a pantheist. Its questionable whether he even believed in god. He didn't start the new age movement nor was he a "oneness charlatan" and I am somewhat of a pantheist myself. Its a rather broad field of belief Banshee. Be careful not to toss the baby out with the bathwater as you so often do.

.......The fact that you did not read my fuckkking post means you are the one that threw the baby out with the water....... Don't comment if you only want to act like a big dicccck! Which is odd since you are one to be of a feminine inclination, so why now all of the sudden this macho macho act???? Look my dickkkk is bigger than yours huh?

Ugh... god... ok ill go back and read it. I am sorry. Yes Banshee your very well endowed. -_-;

OK so your mad because someone is using pantheism to fuel there own ego basically?

...........Yeah YOU bitttch!!!!

Hmm, well if this was for me your grossly mistaken about my philosophy. We haven't really talked before other than short encounters like this and your very predisposed to thinking everyone is a new ager it seems. Are you sure your not just projecting again?

I can feel your words, you don't have to be so forceful Banshee. What did I really do to offend you?

If this is about me, I don't think I am that egotistical. If I were you would eat me for lunch and we wouldn't be having this conversation right now. I am just trying to understand what this is about. Are you really upset with me or just being yourself?

.......Nothing you just irritate me by saying useless shitttt like this on my posts!

I can't help being a moth to the flame. Meow.

I keed I keed! Don't be mad!

I did skip past some of it quickly, I have been having issues lately concentrating. I think its my eyes bothering me, need new glasses.

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i believe we are connect to the higher power.... we, humans are a direct line to the power/God, my Father. We are Gods eyes, ears, that is why it is important to pray... meditate, be still and talk to him. Don't forget... It says in the Bible and in many other cultures/religions... We, humans are made in Gods image! So, what do you think that means? Remember.... we only use a very small portion of our brain... hmm... I believe, We are all connected, webbed together. We all come from the same source.