Life Is a Puzzle

Puzzles...I love them! Unfortunately they become addictive for me

 Take Jigsaw puzzles, any size and the more "reflections" in the subject the more fun!  I like to time myself to see how fast I can be in getting the whole thing done.  But they teach me something, patience.

I love dexterity puzzle as well, all of those parts that have to interlock and click to form another shape or object. They teach me to pay attention and use my recall.

In fact, life is a puzzle.  We have all of these pieces and only a certain amount of time to get them all together.  Unfortunately, someone took the box and the photo directions!!!  OOOPS.  So we have to rely on our patience, attention and recall for assembling all of those pieces.

But when it comes to life....I think I would have preffered to have the photo instructions!!!

peanutbrittle peanutbrittle
46-50, F
Jun 29, 2008