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And Today Is No Exception

Today i had a dental appointment after i broke my front veneer after argueing with my son, i slammed my teeth together in a moment of frustration only to see it fly across the room. Well today i saw my dentist and found out i also have a infection in one tooth which now requires a root filling but he told me something that was both frightening and a new one to me!. He said that some peoples roots go close to their nasal cavity and that if they were to extract the tooth as it is so close it could go up into my nasal i may need an operation!!!oh my what a thought and probably get lodged in my brain..whats left of it!. not a nice thought but interesting none the less. 

thehippy thehippy 41-45, F 3 Responses May 8, 2009

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toby2day dont i asked too and i cant go through thanks...pass...i may not have a choice...noooooooooo

gods. i was told something similiar. lol... then made the fatal mistake of being curious and asking how they surgically deal with something like that. one lesson i wish I had never learned. <br />
<br />
but politics? naw.... that's not after dental surgery run amok, that's after the full lobotomy. (at least at the local levels)

then fortunately i shall never know!!!!