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Always Curious

I'm one of those people. I ask questions. I read. I walk around and look at stuff. I want to know.... as much as I can about as much as I can.

Somedays what I learn is quite simple or small, or trivial. Other days it seems as if the world itslef has given up a wondrous secret.  Doesn't matter which, they both matter.

But, what better way to keep the mind healthy and active. If i get to the end of the day, and I haven't 'learned' something new, and odd day it is. I can just as easily pick up the dictionary and randomly select a word. Something new.

Then I can go to bed... content ' it was a good day tater' :D

Toby2day Toby2day 51-55, F 1 Response May 8, 2009

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Learning is part of our life.Even you do not want to the materials are ever present.People learn only when there is a need.