Learning As Passion.

I love to learn and listen. Or I love to listen to learn. There is no substitute for the satisfaction gained after learning something. No matter how big or small it is. 
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I really can feel that from you. Your desire to learn radiates from you.

Thank you Mach. Learning is life itself for me.

Life itself is a non<x>stop learning adventure...

yep, ". . .with friends who share the same thoughts are the best things in life". Which Life has taught me actually. Thanks Hedo

It is truly one of the pure joys of being human. And it is an opportunity we all share...learning is offered to us no matter what circumstance we may find ourselves in.

Yes and it is a wonderful experience. That is learning.

It is one of the real tradgedies in america what our public schools have done to learning. They refuse to teach children to read beyond third grade ability, and will actually defend the fact they failed to teach students to read or properly use references. It is like they want highschool graduates to be semi-illiterate ... and are proud of it. Now we have a a great tool to use in the internet ... although it is also full of garbage. They recently did a study of college students, and discovered only 7 out of 30 could do a proper Goggle search by refining their search so as to make it useful. That is just apalling. How long would it take to teach someone to do a proper search? one hour? Two? It seems teachers and college professors only care about retaining as many "students" as possible, for the highest paychecks. .... teaching them becomes a distant second.concern. College degrees are quickly becoming as meaningful as highschool diplomas.

our schools do not teach ...they are only about how good your memory is...can i remember that specific type of problem if i cant im screwed because i do not understand how to figure it out...its a real shame for people are are(broke aka me) and lived their whole life wanting to be taught how to learn but only to be told how to memorize

I'm sorry to hear that. I hope teh system would also change to please the deserving souls who hunger for knowledge.

The Moral standards are being placed over their pledge to educate.

Learning is amazing, and for me, it produces a kind of "learners high", lol. I like knowing how my world works,how things came to be, about other people,basically, I like learning about anything under the sun.

I can feel that high when I learn something new like vocabulary words in another language or the grammar of another language It is a feeling that can sometimes compare to a manic high it also helps the high by relieving tension When I can relax and study I feel so much better than waiting for life to teach me something taking an determined approach to learning is a true natural high

Thanks for sharing them here bymypoles.

That's is what we call the zeal to learn. Please let yourself be motivated with the things surrounding you.

i LOVE learning about things i care about (mainly American history or military history) but it varies among all genres of learning .... the high i get from learning about something i like is above all others...and if i liked what i learned I REMEMBER it above all else

Yes, the more you have knowledge of others experiences, teh more you can understand yourself and others as well.