Make A List

Sometimes, it seems that life is taking us in the wrong direction... that wherever we turn and no matter what we do, things just don't seem to go our way.
Now sometimes, this experience will pass and the Universe seems to "right" itself without our help yet other times, despair sets in and we find that we've lost the motivation to even try.                                         Today my best friend told me

The next time you're feeling uninspired or unmotivated, make a list... write down every wonderful thing you've ever wanted to do .

Whatever it is, list it... no matter how crazy or out of reach that desire may seem.

Then go back through your list and pick one goal - choose one that makes you smile and gets you excited just thinking about it.

And then break that goal down into smaller, achievable steps.

And we know what happens when we focus on something, don't we?
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hi add me please

How did I miss this story? It's so good to see your mind content here.... :)

It make sense. It gives you hope.