Me And The Internet

There are so many tricks and tips about google on the internet for example if you put quotation marks around a word it will look for that phrase of word exactly Then if you put in astericks where there are words that you do not know it will find it also This is really awesome I can find my blogs so many different ways I have tags on them and they get easier to find each day Of course the amount of writing increases also

I am so happy with my computer now it was getting fixed I called almost everyday seeing if it was ready finally Friday it was done just the way they told me and I am able to get back to bloggig only thing is I have no desire to write do not know what it is not that I am not able to I just do not feel like it all the research and finding the information is just over and the actual writing has stopp3ed

My mood may have something to do with it I am not depressed having a little period of normalcy so I just do not feel like much of anything for now a little tired did laundry woke up too early so must be going up so I will feel much better in a few days

Maybe be going up now who knows I should keep better track of them Did go out to buy food and did not spend anything more than I wanted to and did not buy things I do not need so that is a good sign

Here are some things to look for "bywena" The journey***bywena It is fun it will take you to my blogs try it and see
bymypoles bymypoles
May 6, 2012