My Love Affair With Learning

One day I plan to change how the world of health care works, beginning in the tri-state area and making my way around the world. Yes very big plans I know, but that’s me I set goals and I take the steps necessary to accomplish them. I was raised to be believe I could do anything I wanted, so long as I am willing to put in the work, and dedication needed. A very big thank you and thumbs up to my Grandma for that!! I have many things I plan to do, such as, work abroad in war torn countries so the people in those countries can begin the road to recovery with the necessary tools, resources, and establishments in place and ready to service them.

In order for me to be able to make any contribution of substance I have to continually advance my knowledge base and my skills. I am one of those people that prefers to read a book rather than watch television (unless it’s Law and Order SVU, I love that show). I plan to work as a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) in my career as well and I figure between my training as a counselor, political background and nursing skills I will be able to help my patient’s holistically overcome the experiences they have encountered. There are many things I feel the young women and men of today deserve and yet never receive (but that’s a story for another day). In order for my voice to matter I have to have the facts to back it up, hence my love affair with learning. (yes, yes, yes, take me away you beautiful book of information, ok so maybe not that intensely, but you get the picture).

Conversely, I am not above learning random and pointless information I believe it gives my brain stuff to laugh out loud about at random times. I am a firm believer that knowledge is only power when it is shared or applied and so I am usually applying my knowledge, because I do not like to be wasteful… so yes that’s a sliver of who I am, explaining why I joined this group!! :)

If you have some knowledge you would like to share, by all means please send it my way, and
*Smile, I want to see the wrinkles in your cheeks* :)
SatinCherryBlossom SatinCherryBlossom
22-25, F
Jun 25, 2012