I Learnt That When I'm Not Learning I Feel Miserable

About four years ago,I was stuck.
I constantly felt sad,just didn't want to do anything,keep going with life.

I wanted to keep going,I couldn't figure out what was wrong with me.
Finally,after listening to my mom who told me I used to have a huge hunger for learning,I told myself I'd give another try at trying to want to go on with life.

I picked up laungage,Traditional Latin. I passed through the local college's books they used to use for their course. I started feeling better,happy...

So I picked up sign laungage,I couldn't take any class,so I did it simple. Just the alphabet,I used a chart in the back of a dictionary I found.

Then I started reading about biology,science,etc
I felt great.

Not only did I figure out how to keep myself somewhat happy,I now have my hunger for knowledge that I had when I was little (competing with the older kids,doing their math books,etc)....

I study history.alot. People think I'm nuts when I say I read history and literature books just for fun,I read them over and over,learning new lessons. Understanding the point : history repeats itself when the people do not study it.
It's true. It repeats itself.

I love learning ;)
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1 Response Aug 2, 2012

I find your experience to be inspiring. I love to learn languages, and was surprised to discover that I also enjoy learning about history. Thanks for sharing your struggle, and your solution.