Learning Is My Passion

I deem it hilarious that I am one of few students who enjoy learning. I enjoy it to the extent that I would rather go to school forever than have a career.  I am not certain what about it is enticing, but I especially enjoy testing myself through exams in order to find out what I retained.  I am the student who is always in class and is content and focused on the subject matter, no matter what it is.  All of it is interesting if I did not know about it before.  There is always a new discovery.  I often wonder if this theory is true: when the brain is full, new information replaces old information.  Well, old memories can fade if you do not think about them for a while, I have found.  So, why not?  I probably think too much which is making me forget the answer to my own question because it is taking up too much space.
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 3, 2012

I hear you! Never mind I have fr<x>amed diplomas I don't use...I love the whole process of discovery. If only I could just be a "professional student!"

School is like a game. It does not always take into account intelligence, which is good for a few, and a disadvantage for others. How did you earn your multiple diplomas? I mean, from what are they?