Passion Seething With Desire, Flames Bursting With Fury...

Lessons in life are inevitable...all facets are faced with these growing pains.
"To live, and learn"
They are hardly forgiving, and at the time in which they are witnessed and endured...they seem cruel and unnecessary.
Mostly misunderstood during...
Never appreciated before...
Much like...light is never appreciated without experiencing the dark...Joy is never understood without living the sadness that preceded it!
Open minds welcome them...
Grounded souls anticipate them...

Lessons have themes...and they come with emotions.  They have legs...which will carry us throughout life.  They come with wings...that lift us far higher then we ever dreamed.  They have fins and a tail...allowing us to dive deep in our own personal spiritual well.  They help us grow claws, teeth and survive periods of famine, even in the dead of winter.
Our senses, honed for survival...expedentially flourish...if we allow them too.
Our hearts learn to climb to levels of forgiveness and acceptance.
Our souls grow wise.
Our memories warp to embrace these invaluable assets.

"While loves is the universal language, it comes in different flavors, from puppy love, to summer romances, to true love that lasts a lifetime  Love also comes in all shapes and sizes:"

All Lessons come with Love.
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Awesoooome!! :D keep it up!