Hard Ways



                            Just becasue I have been through a lot dosen't mean I ask for pitty when I share things, I share things in hopes too help someone else realize that sometimes things in life happen and we may not understand why we go through these certian susations or why things happen too us but there is a reason for everyone and everything, learnning is great!! Everyone has a graat personility, they have strengthens, everyone is unquie, everyone is special in there own ways, and most important everyone can teach people new things and that is why this place is called Experince Project!! Experinces we have and we are strong enough too share with strangers of just friends is a big step for everyone too do, and its increablile to read and hear what others have too say, hell I have learned a few things here from a lot of people!! There is something so important that my birth mom told me before she walked out of my life for the third time and that is " can't and worry plus stress, isn't gonna make life any eaiser for u if u sweat the small things and dewelle on life's issues that we have no control over"! Its the sure dam truth about what my mom has told me, I use too sweat and worry over small things in life and I use too dewell on things which I had no control over, I use too question a lot about my self to the point I got so inscure that I could not go in public places without someone looking at me and making me wonder wht the hell are the staring at  and why? Now I can say I do not worry about **** like this anymore, I am who I am and I am ok with who I am, what people say about me or think about me or start running there mouth about me dosen't matter anymore, more than likey there is something they like about me and cannot help but stare and wonder what it is that they see that they cannot figure out what is so special about me that has got there atention, u know? I may only be 26 yrs old but I have learned a lot in my short life and most important I have my faith and my soulmate the love of my life and he makes me stronger each and everyday by just being him and accepting me for me, NOW that I have ralized that I canot control things that are out of my hands dosen't mean I am a ***** or something it just means I am able too see a blessing in the susation or choice that either I am inn or make and that I know I am an ok person. I do not need to feel insecurity any longer, I know who I am and what hasen't rroke me or my spirit or my soul has only made me stronger, more gratful for things in life, I am blessed, I have great friends, and I always try too think about postive things unstead of dwelling on things I cannot control, the old saying is true in my belifse and I am NOT pushing this on anyone but expressing myself here " God grant me the serenity too accept the things I cannot change but courage too change the things that I can, through Jesus all is possible for me and can be for anyone who belive s in Him"! I can share everything in my life that has happened too me that is bad and good but there is more good, because I look for the blessings in these susations that I go through and I think too myself " Hey someone else is going through a hell of a lot more and they have it so much worse than me, I am greatley blessed"!!! How I talk too people here on EP is who I am in here in real life, there is no games playing here, there is no fooneys here, there is no excuses here, and most important I am who I am ehre as I am in life, people can hate me for it, love me for it, or respect me for it itsthre choice NOT mine and if they choice to be negative it dosen't botherer me I am still a blessed and ama n ok person!!I know there is a possiblity that people think I am a smart *** at times but this is who I really am and if someone is wrong I am gonna tell them and if they hurt people and play games with there emotions or hurt them I am not one too stand back and let it happen to anyone, I will take a stand and put people in there place! So do NOT pitty me when I share things that may seems sad too ya, its just what I have been through that I think needs to be expressed too help others out and I am always here for anyone here who needs me I am not hard to find her if u neeed a freind or need too talk!I also would like to say thanks to everyone here on EP who share there stories because personally speaking on my own tersm I have learned a lot!!

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Ty too both of u who have left comments here on my story I apperatice ur all's thoughtfulness and apperatictation as well, smile someone does care! :}

THANK YOU for taking to the time to share this part of YOU! So many of us have found OURSELVES right here in the Merry Little Land of EP and it's because of people like YOU, who are willing to be open and honest and tell of their struggles in life!<br />
<br />
Take care,<br />
Phyllis<br />
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I always learn from my mistakes. Experience project is a great way to share things with people in order to learn from each other, not necessarily to pity.