Slowly, But Surely

I was pretty busy trying to be invisible at school, so I didn't get as much out of it as I could have.  When I left to start work at 17, I tried Math at night school to prove to myself that I could do it.  My previous math teachers never made much of an impression on me.  The only time my grade picked up was when I was home for a number of weeks with chicken pox.

Having successfully passed Math, I later decided to try an arts degree.  I really wanted to get into the practical part of the drama course, which didn't happen, so I lost interest.  Two years later I started studying IT at what the Americans would call a community college, then moved on to university to complete a bachelor's degree in IT.

At first, I found the study very challenging, not least because I had other issues happening at home at the time, but I felt a bit more mature and adventurous by this time, so I was prepared to look a bit foolish by asking questions which may have had obvious answers, but weren't immediately apparent to me.

I struggled to understand procedural programming at first, having taught myself spaghetti code on the old Commodore 64 years before, but I persevered, checking alternate books on programming from the library to help me understand things which I was having difficulty with, finally getting a good grasp of the subject matter.

Then object-oriented programming became popular.  *sigh*

So now I have another hurdle to overcome.  I'll get there eventually  :-)

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5 Responses Feb 12, 2010

I get the idea of it. I just have to get past the initial hurdle of understanding what little bits are necessary to get Java working.<br />
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I think after a certain number of languages, I just lost steam and decided to pack the whole thing in. But recently I rediscovered one of my old books on Java so that I could have another go at it.<br />
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I've pretty much resigned any idea of getting to work as a programmer, but I still enjoy coding when there's something interesting to work on.

I love OOP, it's great you are going to love it,

Unfortunately, my qualification is considered too old to be worth anything in the workplace, but I do enjoying tutoring beginners.

Never give up no matter how difficult it seems the satisfaction is great when you reach your goals.

Thank you, SmylieBean. *Hugs*