I Was Turned On, Just By A Look!

So I was late for work... got an interview for my own job (for Gods' sake eh!) I can't be late again!
pulled on my "smart" pencil skirt, smoothed it down checked in the mirror, "****!" no time to iron it,
so I just jumped into my other skirt, far too short for an interview, but needs must, check time again...
grab bag, keys, out the door...
standing at the bus stop my phone beeps...
I glance down just as the bus pulls up, everyone pushes their way to the front and onto the bus,
leaving me on the path... "NO!!!!" I can't believe it... off it goes with me stood there!.
I reply to the text and stand back a bit; I glance up and see a suited man in front of me, I look at the back
of his neck and briefly imagine running my nails up it, into his hair. I scan down to his butt then shoes, then back to butt.
the crowd of people multiplying by the minute, there was no way I wasn't getting on this bus!
It arrives, I took no prisoners, pushed right in front of Mr Suit, making sure I brushed passed him as I went.
pretty full downstairs so I started climbing up the steep stairwell.
"Oh hell I had stockings on!" suddenly aware whoever was behind me could probably see right up my skirt
but as I had to steady myself with one hand and carry my laptop with the other there was nothing I could do.
I got to the top and the people there were already turning around to come back down, no seats.
I turn round and Mr Suit is still walking up the stairs behind me, obviously thinking of something else
because he is suddenly face to face with my crotch!
We lock eyes for a moment. His cheeks slightly flush.
I immediatley glow, I feel a tingle go all over me, He apologises, and turns round and goes back down the stairs
with me following carefully behind him, The top of my inner thighs already damp from the juices he released.
We get down to the bottom floor and I have to hold on the hand grab to keep my balance, which is just over his shoulder.
he looks ahead but knows I'm watching him, we had to press up so close, mmmmmm

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9 Responses Mar 10, 2012

Great story - love those little innocent incidents where nothing needs to be said and both enjoy the moment! You shoudl definitely wear mini skirts and stockings on the bus [any / everywhere!]

Hot story!!

Very very hot memoo. Those "accidents" in public turn me on so much, because I'm always afraid like Mr Suit in your story that I'll get caught looking. But seriously, if it's "right there," how can any normal male not look? Add me? I'd love to chat/get acquainted. Thanks.

sound like was good turn on for you

I love the ladies who allow me to look
up their skirts / dresses !!!

Love it.. Xx

your crotch inspector wrote your story check it out (richie7860 , fun on the bus this morning). Authenticity is spot on, loved it girl!!!!

hee heee ... you a spy? clever very clever x

i only spy, under the skirt, if i have the opportunity....lol yum yum...

wow. sexy hot and exciting ! i love to look up ladies skirts. i love the summer. shorter skirts and lower plunging neck lines. xo growl

Love it when i'm in those crowded areas and see a hot looking woman it is a great opportunity to get real close and just rub my hard **** up against her pantied covered *** and see if she would push back harder!!

errrrrrrr a bit eugh! haha.

Speechless i love that!