It Was The 80's! Drama Drama

So, there I am stood in a nightclub,
dressed in a black taffeta ballgown, floor length but scooped up to both hip with satin bows,
a black satin basque on the outside holding my boobs up and my then very thin waist in.
Stood, staring at my boyfriend kissing another girl!
I'd taken my heels off and my fishnet stockinged feet were stuck to the floor with disbelief.
What do I do?
I have had about 3 pints of cider and my head is swimming, with the alcohol and
sudden draining feeling thats taken over me.
My legs just give way and I fall ridiculously dramatically to the floor.
As soon as I hit the floor I knew I hadn't fainted just merely felt rubbish.
BUT people started running towards me, so I closed my eyes.

Aware he was one of them shouting at me, I thought "well this is working... got him away from her!"
They decided as a crowd to carry me downstairs, almost crowd surfing on all the hands.
ONE BIG PROBLEM... well two...
On carrying me down the stairs the basque so tight, my firm but big breasts came out the top of it!
One lads hands came round the front and "pretended" to try to help them back in!
another girl did the same.. woah!
by the time I'd got to the bottom of the stairs I'd started to "come round" they'd lain me on the floor
and my boyfirend was shouting at people to stop touching me ...
Trying to pull my basque back up.

I finished with him, and went out with the one who tried to help me for 4 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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That is a creative way to meet a new friend, just do not do that on a regular basis!

if was dress that hot looking he should rather been with you get to rub all night long

what a great story!!! sounds as if he got his.

Lol. ;-)

Interesting story. Enjoyed it. You made the right choice. Thank you for sharing readyifyouare. <br />
<br />
Cheers,<br />
<br />

thanks for making a clean breast of things! ;p