Take A Peek Guys!

It turns me on so much when I catch an attractive guy taking a peek. I often physically ache for his **** inside me.

Thats why I often dress as in my pic with old fashioned seamed nylon stockings. If a guy does not spot them... he needs a white stick!

bazzerooni bazzerooni
36-40, F
3 Responses Jan 26, 2010

Not ready for the white stick yet, just had a Cataract Op to help my vision.

If you want his c-ock inside you, then just take it. If you don't c-um with him, there's almost always another that will carry on. It may take three or four f-ucks to make you c-um, but after you get going, who cares who they are or what they want; you know what you want. After you on the way, you won't care if you find the next few attractive or not, you just want each c-ock working your ***** non<x>stop as long as possible. Kinda like drinking a beer, when one's empty, just start enjoying the next.<br />
<br />
Every time you have a chance to f-uck and don't, you will eventually regret it wishing you had just f-ucked your brains out.

I would love to spot you--and have you notice and "punish" me for being such a bad boy..... BTW, I added you to my circle.....