And I Love To Look

I'm a panty man for lots of reasons. I've always had a precocious interest in girls and one of the major focuses of that interest has been on what they've got between their legs. When I was five of six years old, I used to play around with a cousin of mine. We'd play "house" and somewhere in there (chance observation, I guess) we got the idea that one of the things Mommies and Daddies did was to take off their cloths and lie on top of each other. So, of course, we did. One day, my great Aunt walked in on us. She was cool, she just backed out of the room, but later on my Mom told me that I shouldn't take off my cloths and lie on top of my cousin anymore. We got the message and from then on we did it in secret. We used to go down in the basement and she would pull down her panties and spread her vagina open for my inspection. She was the first of many beaver shots I enjoyed.

To this day, I love getting glimps of a nice beaver and am happy that in married life there's so many opportunities to catch one unawares. One night, my wife came out of the shower in her bathroom and sat reading in the living room. As she moved around to get a look at our cute, new kittens at play (a stray pregnant cat took up with us and had four) I couldn't help but check out the quick flash of her un-pantied and hairy beaver from time-to-time. I also appreciate the opportunity to check out a little ****** when she comes out of the shower and is getting dressed. When she bends over to pick something up, she has a habit of bending at the waist rather than the more ladylike bending at the knees, and her beautiful, hairy labia are often on display to me, albeit briefly.

I remember that at our old house, we had a flight of ten steps leading up to the front door, and one evening we were sitting there after our daughter went to bed enjoying talking to each other and having a glass of wine. I was sitting a few steps below my wife and as the wine and conversation relaxed her, her knees came apart and her white panties were displayed to great advantage. At first perhaps inadvertant, she obviously enjoyed displaying herself and by a subtle positioning of her legs and thighs gave me a better and clearer view. Although we both knew what was going on, we both "ignored" it and continued our relaxing evening as if it wasn't happening. Her legs spread farther and farther apart, and I could check out her beautiful wingspread at my leisure as we sat talking. I enjoyed this for maybe an hour before I finally moved a few steps closer to her and reached up to grap her ***** lips right through her panties, massaging them together and talking away as if nothing was going on. By the time I pulled her panties aside and dipped into her ******, she was oozing girl juice and I got to enjoy the squelching sounds from her **** as finger-****** her until she came right there on the darkened street. I think we ended up going into the house for me to **** her like a dog on the living room floor, but the great memory of the incident was the wonderful freedom she offered me to check her out that shot of her panty covered beaver.

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66-70, M
Feb 26, 2010