Love That Logo!

Well its been a while but I find squeezing an aroused member to get a big drop of precum very exciting. watching it glisten like a diamond atop a hard ****, then spreading it over the head with my tongue. My lips gliding over the slick head and down his shaft tightening on the upstroke to draw up some more of that slippery sauce until the entire shaft is shimmering and slides effortlessly down my throat.

Damn, Now I'm getting all wet, that logo is driving me wild!
sharkohickenbottom sharkohickenbottom
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8 Responses Jul 30, 2010

Absoolutely... the appetizer before the main course. I love licking it and love having it milked out of me too. What a wonderful start to a several course "meal!"

Love to lick the pre-*** as it bubbles out of the head of a twitching hard-on. I love the aphrodisiac way it coats my mouth and hypnotizes me - knowing that the **** will soon be parting my lips and I will soon be performing my ****** duties

Poetry in Precum- And Angel, I find the ladies are a delight on to themselves as well! Parting their hot wet labia with my tongue and basking in that extra special warm glow that radiates from their fully aroused crotch I get lost and hours later ask "whare am I . who am I"

Ah, you know I am powerless to resist. First I'll tenderize My delicious treat with the tines of a fork, then make a series of delicate little surface cuts with the sharpest knife before vigorously rubbing in the hot sauce...<br />
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We should take our culinary conversation elsewhere so We don't completely hijack the thread...~lol~

@Gr3b3 -- Mmm...and the best part is that not only is My this most favorite and tasty dish served and cooked to perfection, it is also that exceedingly rare treat that will actually beg Me to stick a fork into it and cover it in hot sauce...

Again,my Mistress, just follow You and I get all the stimulation I can handle: Oh My God

~fanning Herself as She absentmindedly traces the outline of Her full lips with the tip of Her tongue~<br />
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Oh hell yes! I've gotten rather spoiled, though. I no longer need to physically milk a delicious bead of precum from the perfect **** of one of My favorite EP playmates -- simply sending him a private message with an Interesting subject line canmake him drip.<br />
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As stunningly hot as the photo is for this group, the images he posts for Me showing long gossamer strands of delicious precum tethering his mushroomed **** head to the floor or bed put this photo to shame. <br />
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It's far too easy to completely lose Myself in daydreams of lapping the delicious dew from him before taking him deep in My mouth and sucking and licking and flicking My tongue at the ultra-sensitive inverted V where the head meets the shaft and throat ******* him until his **** jerks and trembles and swells, filling My mouth and throat with *** to gulp greedily down before swallowing him whole again in the hope of releasing every last delicious drop...

I thought I was the only one who enjoyed the way it tastes and feels... and knowing that soon I will be drinking all his juices.... gets me really excited....