Love It

I love seeing that little glint of moisture on a man's penis... I love feeling it rub on me, especially on my stomach or thigh... it tells me things are going well(!) and hints at the fun yet to come.... I love to lick it from his head... it has just that little taste... and I love watching that "little man" jump a bit when my tongue is on its slit....
SabrinaNYC SabrinaNYC
26-30, F
13 Responses Aug 2, 2010

i love licking my mans pre ***, it taste so good!!! i love sucking him and tasting it. oh i love it so much

Watching that "big man" jump in my case....and you are right about has a mind of it's own sometimes and I love to watch it move and pulse on its own...

Very hot, Sabrina!!

Got me going girl. I also know what you mean I've been on both sides, LOL.

Great visual SabrinaNYC. I also enjoy the licking of precum, little licks to make that baby twitch and jump. It totally lets me know I am doing an effective job.

Wherever it **** from ... I love being teased to the point my precum forms and starts dribbling down my **** - so it can be licked up and down my shaft...mmm happy thought!

Cowper's gland? Is that where it comes from? I had no idea.

Its so sweet, I just love it. I must admit that I lick my own mmmmmm

wow! that sounds like an offer to me! a very attractive one! I LOVE precum!

Well Italy, let me show you too... mmm mmm

yea yey yea ..... I love pre-*** yum yum yummy !!!!! i started sucking other guys ***** at a young age and was fasanated by there pre *** the way it comes up and forms a drop at the tip and its cunsistansy the way it forms a strin if you toch it and it forms aglisaning string and the taste and it showes that the guy is realy into it ( me )

There's nothing like an "appetizer" of precum! I love the taste of it, and love to assist my partner in producing a lot of it before moving along to the "main course."

Ahhh yes that delicious droplet dancing like a diamond atop a head quivering with anticipation. Then a flickering tongue swirling the glistening nectar around feeling every motion, every taste bud, every hot breath. Equaled only by the excitement of parting a young ladies wet lips with my tongue, basking in her warm pink glow, probing her depths and enveloping her pearl and sucking until she explodes in a geyser of ecstasy. <br />
I still love the group’s logo!