being a sissy cumslut love to lick a man's precum its so good!love to swallow his *** too after he ****!just love oral sex and really love to suck ****! yes precum is good too!! just love having my red lipstick lips around a **** just love to taste precum when sucking on a ****!1 have been a ********** since i was 13 and still love a man's precum its so good!
mandiejune mandiejune
51-55, M
4 Responses Aug 5, 2010

I enjoy the taste of *** but precum has a gorgeous taste of its own

Wow! Wish I had a friend like you, italyboy, when I was 11! Hell, I wouldn't mind one like you NOW!

i agrea, i love i - realy love pre *** ! i started sucking **** at 11 yo and from my first taste i was hooked. i like the taste even more then *** ....the more a guy makes the beter .... the first guy i sucked , i would lick kiss and suck his balls till a lot of pre-*** was ozing out of his **** slit, then i kiss lick and suck his precumm off of his big teenage cockhead .....yum yum yumy !!! three cheers for pre-*** ( : !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Precum is great, I love to lick it up, and like to keep my partner in the producing mode for as long as possible. I love it when that is reciprocated too. But I must say that as much as I like the precum, I LOVE the main event!