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Toilet Paper

When my wife takes a poop I always volunteer to be her personal toilet paper with my tongue. There is nothing that I like better than to lick her ****** *** clean. Quite often she will save me a little present and while I'm trying to lick her *** clean she will squeeze out a little bit more poop as a reward. I must always be sure that she is clean enough. If she ends up with even a little skid mark in her panties then I could be banned from licking her *** for a full week. I never like to miss out on even one day let alone a whole week.
grld694 grld694 51-55, M 7 Responses Sep 8, 2010

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I'd love to do that to my wife, but it seems she's too grossed out by it, I have continually offered my tongue as her toilet paper

My wife likes me clean and we both love it I love kissing her after the work!!

good work!!

My friend commented on my wife's sexy bottom and when we were out walking, he was particularly excited watching her ***. It was hot and we were all sweating. I asked him if he would like to wipe her.. and he couldnt believe it.. I told Sheila and she thought about it, said ok! They went behind some trees and I hid and peeked.. she pulled down her shorts with him on his knees behind her. I could imagine what her bottom smelled like! He licked her at first a little then very aggressively.. she bent over as I know it was exciting her.. she even farted a little on his tongue! I could imagine what he was smelling and tasting.. she started to ***.. he stood and kissed her.. his hand up her pert bum! What a sight! What a wild jealous feeling watching them, her with her shorts down, against him! Then she pulled up and smiled and rejoined me.. she told me all her feelings later..

I love my wifes *** after she has been sweating all day in tight jeans. Its even better if I can convince her not to wipe all day. Really hot nasty mess by evening.....

My wife was hiking with a male friend of mine and it was hot and we were sweaty. She had short shorts and I saw him often watching her *** as she moved ahead of us. He confided in me that he would love to find out what she smelled like up there.. so I quietly asked her to flirt with him and ask him into the woods so he could wipe her after she went. She was very excited by this and when we stopped for lunch she asked him! She made an excuse that she wanted to show him a view of the valley and I said I would relax and enjoy a beer. They went off together a while then I followed. She held his hand and pointed to a place where she wanted to go to the bathroom. She pulled him to her and kissed him passionately.. I could see his shorts bulge.. she pulled hers down as he watched.. she farted and then began to wet.. stopping in mid stream.. she motioned for him to get down on all fours in front.. to put his face close to her ***** as she began to urinate again! She pulled his face close until she was going on him! She rubbed his nose up and down her ***** as she went and I heard the familiar sound of her climaxing! When done she told him to lick and he didnt need any encouragement! I was hard as a rock watching! Then she had him lie on his back and she squatted over his face and sat down a bit. She farted on his mouth and nose several times and I could see she was orgasming. He was getting his wish to smell her! She wiped on him over and over and let out a muffled scream. She peed a little in his mouth and I watched as he licked her sweaty bottom! Lucky she didnt have to poo! They returned after I had resumed my place seated below a tree.. as if nothing had happened.

A man's place is to tongue-wash his woman ******* everyday after she unloads. That's the kind of commitment I'm talking about! It's only fair for letting us tear up her *****, plant our seed in her & get her pregnant. Our women's **** has value & we men must show how much we appreciate her!!