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*** Smell Turn Me On...

I don't know but i m very found of girls ***..whenever i see any girls *** will make me horny. At the begning my GF never allowed me to touch or lick her *** hole. But one day some how i manage to put my finger deep in her *** H**l. That day i came in my pants it was unbelievable for me as i was smelling and tasting her *** h**l which i wanted from long time...from that day i started licking her front & back and i can't have sex with performing oral oh ger A**...
Jhangir Jhangir 26-30, M 1 Response Jun 23, 2011

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love her *** smell so much when I see a hot women with a nice *** all I think about is the smell and taste of her ***!! Yummmmm