Tongue Her *** Hole!

It took me almost 7 years for my wife to let me play with her *** hole, now she loves it. It hurts her to **** it, but she loves to have my thumb or finger inserted and most recently she love to let me lick it. I have never seen her go so crazy as when I shove my tongue inside and tongue **** it. In addition she recently learned that she loves borderline ******* her *****. There is nothing that makes me *** quicker than going knuckle deep with all five fingers in her ***** and tongue ******* her ***. I could beat off right now thinking about it!
yippyzippy yippyzippy
31-35, M
6 Responses Nov 17, 2010

I will put her on all fours and licked that asss from behind, she just luv it.

i love to lick her ******* she would act she didn't but when i tot my toungue in it drove her nuts. now she puts her *** in the air for me to spread her cheeks and put my toungue in it

I don't know why but the older i get it seems the dirtier i get. I find i want to do things to my wife that i would not have even considerd a few years back. Tongueing her arse is new to me but i love it. i would also like to watch her blow another male while pounding her from behind

The best! I love when I have my tongue inserted and she tightens her hole. Oh!!

OHHH ya. I agree with you guys. licking her ******* is my best time.

DITTO hear on all accounts...