Lick My Wife's ***

I've never really been much into licking ***** or ***. But recently I went down on my wife and now I can't stop. While going down on her I though she was lifting her *** so I would lick around it. Sure enough I moved down and she seemed to really like it. Last time I started with her *** and only moved into her ***** after I worked her for some time. Now she just rolls over on her side and lifts her leg so I can lick her *** with nothing in the way. I can't stop I work it and **** her *** with my tongue. It's just amazing to lick and suck her *******.
Dumbdumb43 Dumbdumb43
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7 Responses May 6, 2011

Just had my first real experience licking out my wife's ***. I've tried several times in the past,but she resisted. This time, I ignored her half-hearted resistence and went for it. She went crazy! I hope to make it a regular thing.

I know the feeling - love sticking my nose just into her anus and then get nice fart or two!

My wife gets on top of me so I can get my tongue deep inside her arsehole.<br />
She often farts when I tongue her which makes me shoot my load instantly,

Similar to my first time as*licking<br />
I love doin' it too<br />
Man it's my favorite thing about sex

I do and she has.

Try licking her and fingering her at the same time, she will *** all over herself!

True that

I agree 100 %. i love this also.