I Was Pleasantly Surprised - She Loved It

I have always loved my wife's ***. I tell her she has great butt cleavage.When we are having sex I will lick her inner thighs and kiss her pubic area. When she is on her stomach, I do the same thing. I love to run my tongue down the crack of her *** and into her *****. One night while doing this I paused and ran my tongue around her *** hole. She squirmed and I thought that maybe she was uncomfortable with me doing that, but I realized that she wasn't trying to move her *** away from my tongue, but toward it. Not wanting to wear out my welcome, I gave it a few flicks and moved on.
On another occasion, while I was sucking gently on her ****, she said, "Let me roll over". I told her sure, but that I would continue to lick her. She let me know that was what she was looking for. When she initiates it I know that she really wants a good tongue lashing. Other times when I start on my own I just give it a gentle lick until she starts to squirm and that is my cue to be a little more aggressive.
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2 Responses May 18, 2012

*** play , ******* , licking and tongue ******* your ladies *** is hot, intense and so intimate ! Usually leads to some hot anal sex and we both love anal cream pies ! oh yeah !

Isn't it great!!