What I Like

We dance closer and are bathed in the sweet glisten of sweat. She kisses me a last time before pulling me off the dance floor and out of the bar..Her chariot awaits.
Her house is a blur as I push her against the back of her the door; clothes sliding like silk off her body. I spy the couch and push her on down on it and feast on her for hours. Ahhhhhh..memories!

I love to pleasure a woman orally more than anything a big lez an do!
I don't like her shaved bald a'la "**** star" standards because a healthy (clean) cooch is a sensory delight to me. (The bald thing seems creepily prepubescent to me..just NOT my thing.) A nicely trimmed one is fine and if she misbehaves, a tiny tug can be a wonderful tool for submission! *evil grin*

choctawgrrrl choctawgrrrl
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13 Responses Jul 14, 2010

Heh..I know you are darling...mad love for my nudie boy!!

I am convinced, I AM a lezbo (in a male body). Love you.

Nudie..you "aint right" darling..but we love you anyway!<br />
Sara..Nudie is an ornery-er-honorary lezbo..lol

True....it is ALL good. I would not turn any of it away. LOL

Sorry ohnudeone... for me, ANY AND ALL hair a woman has down there is Juuuuust fiiine!

Hmmmm. Some hair is OK too. Just so long as yo ucan not braid it.

Ouch (!) on that tiny tug though! LOL!<br />
<br />
Shaving is the worst... a WOMAN has hair down there... lovely, scented hair....

Awww, thanks Michelle:)

Wow, I couldn't have said it better myself, you're awesome !!! Nice story !!

Thanks ladies..I figured you would Sara :)

Oh, YES!!!!! Love the story and SHARE THE SENTIMENT!!!!!

Yes indeed. Val :-)

Naughty but nice :)