Wonderful Feeling

I love that feeling, when I can see the steam coming up from the water, and I stick one foot in slowly to get a feel for it.... then the other, and then just slowly sitting into it. I love the chills I get when I am completely submerged...  Always makes me sad when the water starts to cool and I have to get out.
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5 Responses Sep 19, 2012

As much as I love a hot bath, a hot sauna or steam room is even better. The coed nude ones in Europe are obviously my favorite. Have you ever done coed nude sauna?

Doesn't the hot water burn your eyes? Or do you keep them closed? Do you put anything in the bathwater?

ide luv 2 be lying with u in my tub rite now feeling ur body press against mine

I admit,I'm more of a shower kinda guy.I like to take warm showers,and then slowly turn the hot water down,cooling my body temperature down,for a nice comfortable sleep afterwards.Your bath sounds nice though....and judging by your pics,I think I could enjoy that as well.lol If only you could make room for me,but I'm sure hubby is the only bath toy you need.;)

That is the only thing i hate about baths they get cold quick guess that's why i love showers instead feeling that hot water spraying over your body feels so good!!