I usally have Pandora running when every I have a computer on normally on Tiesto or Infected Mushroom. I'm listening to Tiesto's Copenhagen Elements of Life World Tour DVD right now.

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5 Responses Dec 28, 2008

i made a channel on my pandora that plays alot of Tiesto and other music like it....its awesome nothing like any music iv ever heard before. i always have it playing while im drawing or painting energizes me somehow idk. but its cool.

I do not know that song but I love listening to sounds on my phone too :)

i have headphones n listen to a song from my mobile ''what about now'' by daughtry

Its a life saver since the computer at school had itune but wouldn't let you put any music on them. I just got my iPhone last week and the first app I installed for it was Pandora.

thats so funny cause im listenin to pandora now! lol, im always listenin to it when im on the computer too