Memories, Not Oldies

Born in 1957 Philadelphia, it's hard not to remember the songs of my youth. American Bandstand started  there. Bill Haley & the Comets started in an adjoining town. And so many other singers/groups started there.

My first wife dated one of the Comets in their high school years. She also worked with Todd Rundgren's mom at the Franklin Mint. And I was lucky enough to tattoo Jim Croce later in life.

Music was all around us then. It was what we grew up with. So although they may be oldies to most, they're the memories & songs of my youth. And they've stood the test of time.

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Aren't they absolutely wonderful. Full of heart and soul ... not found a lot today.

When I turned 18; a whole new world was available to me. We lived in the out skirts of Nashville and every bar had a class act. Very little country music actually. <br />
<br />
I had a blast in those years. It was a rude awakening when I was moved to Tampa in the 80's. Bad bands in clubs! Hah! who knew?