My formatives years were the late sixties and seventies. I grew up always listening to the popular music of the day as all young people did and still do. I have come to realise that they're now considered oldiies. A lot of the popular music today leaves me cold although I have to say that there is some popular music I enjoy, I guess that "my music" is now considered old :(

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3 Responses Feb 10, 2010

hey, im only 18, but i love the music from the 60s and early 70s. a local radio station plays them here, they r way better than todays music

Music is ageless. I grew up with American Bandstand, Motown just coming into it's own, the British invasion and so many other sounds that filled our hearts and minds. The memories that come back as I lose myself in the words and rhythms. the way DJs would play several fast songs then change the tempo to that soft slow stuff that you danced to with your sweetie.

Michelle - we caught an era of intensive change. Old social norms were swept away and new ones got established. Old musical instruments went out of fashion, and new ones came in. We rebelled against our parents who looked so conservative to us. So, it is no surprise that the music of the late 60's caused such a revolution. I still feel the novelty as I listed to those songs today. Yes, they have become classics.