Silence To Peace To Slumber

I was lieing down, it was really late and everything was silent.
Nothing to hear but the wind seeping through my opened window.
Then like an unexpected visitor, a breeze of cold air went across my face.
The air chilled and you could feel it coming.
And sure enough that rapid beat of rain followed.
My ears went back as if I hadn't heard sound before.
But it was rain that natural friend that bring peace of mind to a silent night like this.
My window being just above my head let drops of rain in the wake my face to the beauty of the storm.
As the beat of rain continued as quick and loud as it's know for the bolts of lightning sounded to bring power behind the rains emotion.
Thunder, Lightning, and Rain playing it's song called Storm so i could bring myself to peace to fall into the deep sleep i had.
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18-21, M
1 Response Jul 10, 2010

beautifully written! you have a very nice turn of phrase.