Who Doesnt?

I love lots of things in the Just for You box - makes me feel good to know people care. 

Thats why I try to at least gesture everyone in my circle most days - even those who seem to have dropped off the planet.  If they ever show up again I want them to know that I didnt forget them :)

auroraaustralis auroraaustralis
5 Responses Feb 22, 2009

Aww Minnie - you are a sweetie, wuv ya 2 kiddo :)

awww, I vote you as the nicest person ever in the whole entire world. I wuv you! You're such a good person! yay.

Thanks Baskit, a story without a comment always looks so lonely doesnt it?<br />
<br />
Thanks peedeedog and realgenius :)

I can't agree with you more!! :-)

Ah! That is sweet! I'd better leave a comment then, so you can find it when you log-in next! :)