LOLing is fun. i lol lots. haha its the best way to cheer people up, to make them laugh. my mommy laughs soo hard she sometimes pee's her pants. same goes for my aunts. =] sometimes when you hear people laugh, you laugh too either cause their laugh is the most stupidest laugh you evurr heard. or cause its contagious. sometimes i have no idea why im laughing. LMAO. sometimes like on msn it fills in silences to keep the convo going. but i hate when people use it compulsively in msn convo's for example when they are

"lol it was soo funny lol"

like they have to use that at every start and end to every sentence!! bahaha too annoying. i usually stop talking to them if they do. cause im mean like that. =] but

live, love, LAUGHHH!!!





ClickShotBang ClickShotBang
18-21, F
Aug 14, 2008