LOL Or Rotfl... It's All the Same!

I just love to laugh! It can be a small giggle, that brings a smile to my face. Or a soft chuckle, that tickles my stomach a little. Or it could be a loud, half-scream in shock, laugh! You know, the it's so vulgar that it's funny, kinds of laughs. Or my most favorite, the laughing so hard, that I can't stop laughing or catch my breath! XD

Online, I do try to translate them, for those who can't hear me in person. A little "lol" means a giggle or a soft chuckle.  A loud huge "LOL" or "LoL" means loud laugh, not always for vulgar, but a nice healthy laugh. But for the breathless laughs, I will give a "ROTFL" or "XD"... if you see that, know that I'm falling over in laughter on the other end of the computer! =p

And if you get an "LMAO" from me... it a sign that I am feeling dizzy now, reaching for my asthma inhaler, but still can't stop laughing! XD

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1 Response Mar 19, 2009

A lot of people are unaware that the Warrior Goddess likes to LMAO...DD