I love how the flames are almost indecisive about where they wanna be. But they don't seem to care either. They just lick the air wherever they very well please, like a excited lover's tongue. I like when the logs shift because they're breaking, and embers are churned and sparks fly. Smoke is irritating, following the wind like it was an anxious parent. But the smell of campfire smoke is nice. Especially when mesquite wood is burning. Mmmmmh. I swear...that smell, added to a chilly night, a warm blanket, maybe a hand to hold, and an ever-shifting set of orange flames to gaze at...would make the perfect night.
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I love the idea that wood is first melting and then turning into a gas, which is burning.<br />
<br />
Think of fire-the something which is really nothing<br />
and<br />
water- the nothing which is something.<br />
<br />
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