Come watch it flicker.
The fire dances to the same tune as you and I
As we sway across the room.
Our feet can create intricate patterns,
Marking the soft rug beneath our bare feet.
I’ll hold your hand, you’ll hold my heart
And we’ll watch the merry flames leap from the hearth
And join our dance
As they burn away that pain from so long ago
Burn down the walls that constrict us.
We’ll dance through the fire,
Outside, into the snow,
Where the cold will bite at our feet
Until we collapse from exhaustion
And watch the bright flame wash over us
Accompanied by a sea of heat
And a tune,
Not unlike the sound of black mourners in the wintertime.
sumerius96 sumerius96
1 Response Dec 20, 2011

That is beautiful

thanks. i like to post my work here to see if people think it's any good.

Well it is wonderful