I just love fire, everything about it. It's warm and beautiful. I love winter days having a candle burning, warming the little area around it. Nights when the power would go out, and I would do everything by flickering candlelight, with the light dancing across the walls. Fire is made of my favorite colors. The bright blue at the bottom, the beautiful yellow, and the warm colors and lightning white. I always find it so strange how it can be transparent in some places, yet so brightly colored. I would always wonder what fire is. It just comes alive somehow, from nothing. A matchstick struck against a box, and a spark springs up. It's almost alive, breathing, producing warmth, and moving. Along with the moon and sunsets, fire is amoung the most beautiful things. (:
Angelwings7 Angelwings7
13-15, F
2 Responses May 5, 2012

Haha I understand. I wish i could gift one to you and that way you have to accept it and he mite not have much say about it xD

I am an Aries, thus, a fire sign(: fire is my everything. For the last 5 birthdays since I was ten my mother has bought me a new oil lamp and different color oils and incense and candles. I LOVE FIRE(:

Lucky, I wish I had oil lamps and incense too. But my dad would complain the house had smoke in it or something like that lol