My Arch-enemy

I call it that because an accident with fire in my childhood has left me scarred for life. Still, I am mysteriously attracted to flames and I could look at them for hours, listen to their little whispers and cracks, feel the hot touch of the heat they dissipate...

I used to joke around with my mom and say I'm not afraid of it anymore because I have already faced it.. If that were true, that would mean I don't fear my father anymore. I know I shouldn't, I know I have no reason to now, but I still do. Funny enough, they both left me a fair amount of scars to bear, even though some are more visible than others...
Mapping Mapping
26-30, F
1 Response Sep 19, 2012

You were betrayed by someone you trusted and had been taught to love. And then you were raped by that person. I don't think you had the same relationship with fire. You inherently knew what it could do although the fire scarred you, it didn't betray you. I've been betrayed and know the scars it can leave. Yours was the worst kind of betrayal imaginable.

True, it's easier to accept things when you know what to expect... That's a new perspective you just offered me. Thank you :)

Thank you, Mapping. If I said anything helpful, it was inspired by reading this and all your stories. Thanks for posting them. I'm sure it will help many others.