Sometimes Life Can Be So Chaotic That We Can Forget The Beautiful Things Around Us.

The best part about coming back from a vacation late at night by car is when you're not driving, so that you can look up at the beautiful stars and be mesmerized! Have you ever looked up at the sky when you're in the country side? It's so beautiful, sometimes I think: "why couldn't the city sky be like this ... ?" But then we wouldn't appreciate the stars we see if it wasn't for all the starless nights we spend every night.
 It looks like someone splattered white paint all over the black canvas. Some of them big, some small. They are all individually beautiful, but all are amazing as a whole, they're all together, yet they are all apart. Maybe the night sky is like a mirror that reflects the surface of the Earth: there are just about as many stars as there are people on Earth: all individually beautiful, but amazing as a whole, all of them together, but apart at the same time.
noNAMEblogger noNAMEblogger
18-21, F
Jul 15, 2010