Portals To The Soul

Eye contact is so important- it says so much about a person whether they can hold it for long. I know I used to be afraid that people would see to deeply into my soul if I kept eye contact for too long, but that was before I actualized my ancient self. Now it is a joy to create and maintain eye contact with people, and to see deeply into their soul, to watch their life story unravel in my third eye. I used to think I was pyschic, and eventually realized that everyone could be at this level of perception if only they opened their third eye.

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2 Responses Jul 21, 2010

That's really interesting, especially how you've learnt to use your deeper sight without fear or inhibitions. I can definitely relate to your experience as I remember times I've had the confidence to search others' eyes and seemingly read into their inner beliefs and repressed feelings and even their memories. But I am mostly unable to do so because of the same fear you mentioned. How did you go about actualising your ancient self? I think it would probably be a good idea if I did the same thing :)

I find I can look into a person's soul by relating to them on this computer. And of course they can look into my soul, but I don't have anything I'm afraid to show to other people and I like it when others feel the same way about themselves. Eye contact is fun also.