Orion's Belt

Since I was little the only thing I could ever finding he sky was Orion's Belt. The North Star was invisible to me and the Big Dipper was impossible.
But Orion's Belt shown out brightly to me each winter.
It's fun to look at the stars. It makes the world seem bugger more beautiful place to live.
In a wide expanse of starry sky, like I had last night, I like to look up and just watch the stars. Of course always watching my Orion's Belt.
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3 Responses Jan 7, 2013

I always like finding the three stars in the belt of Orion, and then putting together the almost triangular shoulders above and the coat below. I always look for the side of the dipper that points to the north star as well.

What is so amazing about looking up at the stars from where I am. I can see almost a light year away with my telescope. I also see the big and little dipper from where I am with the naked eye and Orion's belt, which is three stars side by side like the three musketeers. What is so amazing is there are billions of galaxies and we happen to be one that has a perfect solar system. Keep looking up to the stars

I hear ya there, the only way I ever saw any other constellations besides orions belt was when someone pointed it out for me. I have three birth marks on my left arm that I like to call orions belt, just because the spacing is almost perfect for them to be orions belt.