You fill my thoughts and daydreams at quiet moments in the day. 

I remember the sweetness of our times together and those thoughts draw me in and hold me. 

I can feel the touch of your fingers and the brush of your lips.  Your strong arms around me. 

When we are apart, the heat and passion we have shared stays with me and warms me. 

You know how much I love the precious moments we share and that I love to lose myself in daydreams of you.

womaninbliss womaninbliss
51-55, F
6 Responses Aug 8, 2010

thank you zall1rog.

Thanks foreverjustme. It keeps me warm.

thanks chiquita ... it is someone special.

Aww...this has to be someone very, very special to you, WIB. A beautifully expressed confession. = )

haha ... I'll send my boyz round to you if you dare!! lol

I want to plagiarize you all the time.