Hi Sweetheart!

When I get back home from work, the first thing I do is seek my beloved Mary. "Hi sweetheart!" Today, I bought her a yellow rose. At times, I'll go for some chocolate, at times, for another little something that I think will please her. What woman doesn't like to be spoiled a bit, to feel loved. I usually hold her face between my two hands and kiss her lightly on the lips. "So, how are you? How was your day?" As she answers, I look at her attentively. Sometimes, she is radiant with happiness, and wears that winning smile of hers. Sometimes, she is sad, or tired, or upset. "Why are you sad?" She always looks at me straight in the eyes, with that honest, intense look. Today, somebody told her something at the office, and as she relates this to me, a few tears are running down her cheeks. "Sweetheart, you always take those comments so personnally." As she questions my face as I speak to her, though she's now 44, she still looks like a little girl.
(To be continued.)
Karll Karll
56-60, M
Jan 11, 2013