Loving Is Sooo Good

It is like…

The feeling of the sun, the moon and the stars

The feeling of the flowers, the grounds and the deep sea.

Because you have…

The heat of the sun, the gentleness of the moon

The beauty of the stars, the scents of the flowers

The strength of the ground and the mystery of the sea.


I love to love


I have learned to admire the stars, the moon the sun and the sea...

I have learned to look at and smell the scents the flowers of all colors

I have learned to love the blue water of the sea, the sunbathe

in the beach, the walks on barefoot in the sands...


I look at the sky and think…

Thinking I have learned to love loving.

I have discovered all beauties

that before haven't been perceived...

For all these things and more

I love to love YOU!


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4 Responses Nov 12, 2009

Beautifully written Princess. The constant twinkling of the stars are like the tingling the feeling of being in love gives. <br />
<br />

very lovely

yes to know that intimacy with the universe, we must be that open, receptive.<br />
<br />
you brighten my days with your words

Your poetry always makes me feel so good inside. It lifts me up and helps me see the beauty around me. Thank you.