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I hand-make personalised incense, oils and bath salts for people's fragrance and magical needs and its such a fulfilling thing to do.. to fill one's room with beautiful scents is something that makes one feel alive. :-)
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Could you make me something for stress . I want to buy some :-)

Thank you. I am mainly focussing on trying to sell calligraphy items now. Made to order things and maybe one day Ill get a website that works!

Wow, your handwriting is gorgeous. I wish you luck in selling your work if you still craft such things!

Thank you.. It took months to do!

Wow! Your book really looks amazing. It`s beautifully done. Enchanting! :)

That website isnt working anymore. :-( I am having a new one made but its taking time.<br />
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Thank you for the compliment on My book. I am still working on one now but it will be the last as they are too time consuming and for the amount of money I should charge, nobody would buy one so I am sticking to the incense, oils and bathsalts instead.

i tried to visit or website. <br /><br />
its not working,,,,,, :(<br />
however, i did go visit your book of shadows,, i am very impressed with your work. your book is well written, and beautiful art throughout the book. blessings to you

im curious about oils. ive never use them but im interested in them, some day maybe...

I bookmarked you so that I can order some things in the next week.

I make stuff to order.. dont have a shop as such.. go and visit My site and see :-)<br />
<br />

Do you carry these in your shop?

do you mean what would I recommend? <br />
<br />
A cleaning and relaxing bath.. hmm.. I would use chamomile which can nurture, soothe, and relax, while lavender supposedly relieves headaches and skin inflammation and geraniums may reduce fatigue and anxiety.

What would you prefer for a bath salt that will cleanse your spirit, body, and relax you?

Yes I do. I have a website but its not that great.. its: but you can see the items better on My LJ: that is the first Book of Shadows I made but I also make incense, oils and bath salts which you can see pictured on the site. :-)

I have been interested in making these things, but, my hands are only great for drawing or bead jewelry making. Do you sell the items you make?