I Love to Make Jokes About Everything

When I was 49 years old I fell off the roof of a three story building breaking 15 bones and had little chance to live but in my pain and agony I made jokes about it and about dying because I figured if I was going to die I was going out laughing. I was wheelchair bound for over a year but I joked about everything. Two years ago at age 73 I had a real bad mountain bike accident which landed me in a nursing home and I joked about it too. Laughing and joking has pulled me through more pain and sorrow than any medicine or treatments. Laughter after all is the best medicine. Reading all of the blogs here I see a lot of unhappy people, but finding happiness and fun in life is not found outside your self, but within yourself. Anyone can do anything they want or be anything they want because life is a fantasy and nothing is real unless you make it real. Everything any one has ever told you is a lie and truth is only believing a lie is real.
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You could not be more right, sir!

I wish I can make jokes like you.

Lean on comedian - crack me up! I love your attitude. Nibs hasn't arrived yet - am looking everyday in the mailbox for it. Hope it arrives soon as I'm almost done with my other book.

Don't listen to this buffoon because I have been with him for 75 years and he wakes up this way every morning in a bad mood. Signed buffoon's twin brother.

Its how I make a living believe it or not as I was always in to humor since a child of six and now I make a living at it I suppose I'll work until I am a hundred then I'll retire and become a lean on comedian. (That's a stand up comic who is so old he has to lean on something before he can stand up.)

I meant a six hundred foot cliff straight up on the other side not a six foot cliff.

Just got back from a five mile hike after working most of the day and I will be 75 come July but I feel like 25 and look 65. I am terrified of heights though and next week we are going to be driving a 4 wheel drive Toyota truck along a narrow primitive road with a two hundred foot drop off on one side and a six foot cliff above on the other side to get to some old mines and caves where it is reported Spanish gold may be hidden. It scares me every time we go to such places but the lure of gold and adventure eggs me on. I work every day except when I am not hiking or exploring ghost towns and old mines.

Wow you are a very lucky guy!!! =-)<br />
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Laughter is the best medicine tho n it gives you n others around you strength to get better!!<br />
I have had bad times in my life but always felt so much better after a good giggle!!<br />
<br />
Thanks for that 1 dollar funny guy! but dont you think 10,000 feet is enough! i petrified of flying as it is!! that extra foot might just do me in!! =-)<br />
<br />
Good luck with everything n dont ever lose your humour!