I Love Older Women

I was 22 years old when I first meet this hot and sexy older woman who was in her 40s. I was a 22 year old virgin! She popped my cherry and showed me how to make love and we were together for 2 years but then we broke up and I then meet another lady who was in her 50s! and we were together for 6 years. When I was with her I had discovered the massage parolors and the place that I went too the lady who gave the massages was Thai and she as in her late 40s and I was the youngest client that she had! I will be 36 years old and I still love older women.
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I was attracted to this older woman since I was 15. When she got divorced years later, I finally got up the courage to tell her. I was 25 and she was 40. I sent her a love letter, and she responded saying she was very flattered. We dated and had romantic encounters. It was beautiful, and from then I have been hooked on older women. She is now 72 and I still find her very attractive.

Thanks everybody for the great comments.

My body is ageing but my brain is not. I will **** any female who wants me to (young or old) and We'll enjoy it!

LOL! Have a good time! They are young they can take it! LOL!

Great, I’m ******* a 25 year old stranger tomorrow and you are confirming that men 20’s and women 40’s is a good match. Super...

There are not that many ladies around!

I am older myself and would love to meet a Hot and Sexy older lady who seem to be very scarce.

She is hot and sexy.